High Resolution 3D Scanned Textures

Supports 4K face texture resolutions for all major PBR texture channels - diffuse, normal, roughness, metallic, and ambient occlusion. Skin material is optimized for Iray SSS rendering, and eyes with RTL realistic reflection.

3d scan - pbr texture
3d scan - high resolution texture

Facial Rigged for Live Performance and Animation Editing

60 facial morphs and visemes is included for each 3D scanned head. Perfectly works with facial mocap using Motion LIVE and able to perform talking animation and facial layer editing using iClone.

3d scan - animation editing
3d scan - facial rigged

Combining 3D Scan Heads with Different Bodies

The automatic skin color matching, and natural neck-to-body connection allows you to seamlessly merge these digital heads with different body shapes. By using head scale, neck and shoulder morphs, you can smoothly blend a 3D scan head with any body type.

3d scan - body type

Flexible Facial Arrangement

You can choose to apply the whole scanned head using the Skin & Morph options, its head morph, or skin presets to get all possible blended results with your existing character library.
10 Head Morphs are extracted from 3d head scans, you can mix and blend between 3D scanned morphs, or refine their looks using Character Creator’s facial morph options.

3d scan - 3d scan pipeline
3d scan - 3d scan virtual human banner
3d scan pipeline learning video
3d scan - buy now

Virtual Human Bodies - Louis will be delivered in Dec, 2018

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