Simulate Real Light Settings for Studio and Outdoor

Set up lighting in the virtual studio and simulate the results. This pack has all the necessary professional equipment and technical settings details.

Light Studio - Light Setting - Icons
Light Studio - Light Setting - 3D View
Light Studio - Light Setting - Top View


Light Studio - Light Setting - Icons

Top View

Light Studio - Light Setting - Top View


17 Studio

Studio lighting is a basic environment to most fashion portraits. It allows us to create natural lighting effects in a variety of situations. The use of flat lighting as a basis, with soft light, basic gradient and warm ambient, it is widely used in fashion magazines and shoots most of the standard fashion and portrait work.

Studio lightroom presets include: IBL, Real Light, Backdrop, Mesh Light, Reflector.

Light Studio - Studio Light - Icons
Light Studio - Studio Light

11 Cinematic

Cinematic lighting emphasis on silhouette, color temperature, high contrast and backlight to create a dramatic and mysterious atmosphere. By adjusting the relationship between color balance and the strength of lighting, you can achieve some very impressive visual result.

Light Studio - Cinematic Light - Icons
Light Studio - Cinematic Light

4 Light Patterns

Use pictorial image as the shape or mask of light source to generate a specific focused light pattern. We provide 5 light patterns such as window, tree leaf, and light dots to create a compelling imaginary light and shadow effect.

Light Studio - Light Pattern - Icons
Light Studio - Light Pattern

4 Sun and Sky

From sunrise to sunset, there are 4 real simulations of time period: dawn, noon, afternoon and sunset. Also there are 2 control modes in the Iray light settings, Sun settings and Sky settings. Or you can set Sun and Sky settings in Iray lighting settings, freely adjust sun direction and time.

Light Studio - Sun and Sky - Icons
Light Studio - Sun and Sky

8 Eye Reflection

A true reflection of light on the pupils is the key to a realistic character’s portrait. The projected light point increases the gloss of the eyes would actually bring life to the character. There are 8 eye reflection patterns to complete the idea.

Light Studio - Eye Reflection - Icons
Light Studio - Eye Reflection


Light Studio is a complete pack of studio light utilities, containing all the magic tools that a professional photographer requires for creating outstanding key shots.

Light Studio - Lighting Components - Icons
Light Studio - Lighting Components - Icons

10 HDRi for Image-Based Lighting

Light Studio - HDRI Bonus - IBL Thumbnails
Light Studio - HDRI Bonus

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